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Uninstalling iTunes if it’s not recognizing your iPhone, iPod or iPad

If you are an iOS user iPhone, iPad , then iTunes may probably be one of the most commonly used tool in your digital life. Have you ever had any unpleasant experiences when you sync the iDevice with iTunes? When you connect your handset to the computer, it just can't be identified by iTunes, which is quite frustrating. What have gone wrong in this case? Here at this post, we are going to dig out the reasons why your iPhone or iPad doesn't show in iTunes and offers relevant solutions.

Flexible management options, ID3 music tages fix, iTunes library rebuilt, and more. Remove iTunes and all related Apple software. After reinstalling iTunes, test the device.

Unable to Sync iPhone or iPad with macOS Catalina? Check these tips - AppleToolBox

If you still need your third-party phone or cellular connectivity software that was removed, reinstall the software and test your device to ensure it still functions with iTunes. Contact the vendor of your phone connectivity software if the issue returns. Also, third-party security software might conflict with devices connecting to iTunes. Follow this article to troubleshoot issues that might be caused by your security software. After resolving any issues that you might have with your security software, you might need to try the steps in this article again.

If iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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iTunes Won't Recognize the iPhone : Help With iTunes

Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Last Modified: Jun 5, I actually force my lazy self to read your really long steps and finally fixed the detecting issue after installing back the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. I have USD 0. How do I spend 0.

Apple is tiresome sometimes :. Interesting; my iphone always connects to my computer but my ipad connects only once in a while — in fact rarely? Tried the 5 step plan! No dice. I have Windows 10 and just got the iPhone 5S. I have tried all the steps listed above and nothing worked. The computer downloads and opens the photo desktop app when I plug in the device but iTunes does not recognize it. Any suggestions are appreciated. I thought the great idea behind Apple was that it required no technical skill by its user.

Some software programs interrupt our happy computer. These programs change settings and corrupt settings and interrupt settings. Sometimes these so called programs conflict with each other for some god damn unknown reason. Just so we keep spending money or waste our time in virtual reality.

Why peeve people off all the time???

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All of us laymen people try to find a solution without it costing us. These cost could mean going without some food, which yeah!

Basic troubleshooting tips

Anyway this problem has many different repair options that people have come across and implemented; some successful and some not so successful. Well, myself………. I started by uninstalling re-installing, doing every single thing that i had come across only to be frustrated more and more. At the same time while trying to sync my IPOD i also lost a perfectly good working printer. Now what gives? One solution says that the USB cable is at fault. Well i thought; well if i had tried everything else, than it could be possible.

Like most, i hate going out and spending money on things that are not the problem, not needed or just another waste of time. I decided to persevere. When i found my printer not working i became irate. I was looking in device manager, restarting, going into safe mode and every single thing i could think of. It than hit me like a paddle in the face when i had read about a reason why my printer was not working. I mean, it would scan and do other jobs but i just could not print a simple word document.

This is where i discovered that it could be a damaged USB port or missing drivers for that port. I changed my cables to a different USB port and low and behold, i was able to sync my device and get my printer working again.

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  • Start with the Obvious: Restart, Update, and Try Another USB Port!
  • Obviously a work around because i am sure the original ports will not be working, however, later, when i calm down, i will look into this. My ipod would not even connect to transcopy let alone itunes. Transcopy was meant to be easy.

    2. Review Trust Issues

    Once i changed USB ports, everything worked. Much like replacing a USB cable i guess. Once i changed to another USB port of course, and all for free except my valuable time that these companies think is at their right or ownership to use at will….. So, sometimes a different cable in a different port can cover two possibilities, for any frustrated reader finding this article. Any help? So my ipod is no longer detected by itunes as of last week after months of usage. I try to restore my laptop, reinstalled itunes and nothing.

    No devices is detected by itunes, but using the same cables and a different laptop everything works fine. I want to download my photos to the PC from my IPad. What is locking this export? This helped my problem as well. This is the only thing that worked after trying everything else for the last two hours.

    Thank you thank you thank you :. Thank you so much this did the trick after several hours of frustration, I would so buy you a Beer!! How do you do this for Windows? Do you know what I can do? Thanks for that. Worked perfectly after hours swearing at itunes. Easily the most frustrating program I have ever used. Thanks a lot man! This is the only thing that worked for me! You saved me a lot of time. Thanks again! Thanks a million, with your instruction I did it in a sec. Sorted — thanks!! Holy mother of god this worked. I spent 2 days and hours trying to get iTunes to recognize my iPhone 6 in windows Thank you.

    Thank you this helped my issue as well. I spent ages trying to find my phone on itunes and this finally worked. This worked. You have just saved me from jumping off a cliff!!! Now how do I stop my PC from turning off when my i phone is being restored? As others said, this is the only solution that worked for my iphone6 and Win Works perfectly with my old apple cable. Running W8.

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