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Learn about our scanning and data capture software! Capture documents from your scanners, files, multifunction devices MFDs , or even your cloud. With our scanning and data capture software, managing your documents is easy as pie! IRISPowerscan offers you the following options:.

iDatabase for Mac

With just one click, you copy text to an index field. You can then automate the data extraction anywhere on the page, based on search criteria. Simple navigation also lets you scan, view, and manage your documents. Finally, you can also use advanced options to customize your projects. Users can teach the software to locate information with an indexing key in a document, remember its location, and extract the corresponding data in future documents, thereby reducing document processing time and making the indexing phase easier.

IRISPowerscan files your documents in no time at all!

IRISPowerscan ensures connectivity with your files, email, printers, and document management software. IRISPowerscan guarantees the recognition of more than 60 types of bar codes, regardless of where they appear on the page.

How to create data entry fields and form in Word 2016 for Mac . Windows users will also benefit.

The presence of multiple bar codes on a single page is also supported. Bar code content can also be used to rename or separate documents. IRISPowerscan suits your needs and scanning speed with no volume limitation. IRISPowerscan intelligently files your documents automatically.

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Simplify your business and employee work environment, while saving precious time! Easily capture and digitize data from paper forms. Eliminate manual data entry errors and corrections. An ideal solution for schools, universities, governments census , company surveys, and more!

An ideal solution for hotels, casinos, retail stores, telecom companies, banks, hospitals, and more! With just one click, data is captures and made available for processing. An ideal solution for car rental companies, taxis, and more! Switch to paperless billing in no time at all! The scanning software that scans, imports, files, indexes, and exports for you!

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Enjoy high-speed document scanning and preprocessing, including high quality images. Their advice helped us identify where OCR technology and data capture are beneficial in making us work smarter. IRIS worked closely with us from the very beginning. They did a number of demos, and together, we identified the right solution for our needs.

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It has helped us so much, allowing us a smooth digital transition and greater productivity. IRISPowerscan has completely changed how we work. Incoming invoices are sorted in a way we never could have imagined before. Everything is automated now. What a time savings! My employees and my customers are delighted. Our insurance company handled a massive volume of documents, which involved a tremendous amount of time.

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The equivalent of 12 months of paperwork took up physical space. These documents and folders are now stored digitally. Our work environment is safer, more pleasant, and more environmentally friendly. Buy now. Whether using a keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or your voice, inputting information can be a tedious and sometimes error-prone process.

When an app asks for lots of input before doing anything useful, people can get discouraged quickly. Let people make choices whenever possible. Consider using a table, pop-up button, or set of radio buttons instead of a text field. The ability to choose from a list of predefined options rather than type a response makes data entry quicker and more efficient. Simplify navigation of value lists.

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  • In controls like tables and pop-up buttons, make it easy to locate a specific value. Consider sorting values alphabetically or in another logical manner that facilitates speedy scanning and selection. Use an introductory label or placeholder text to help communicate purpose. A label helps users understand what type of information they should enter. A label is often unnecessary when placeholder text is present. Generally, labels should use title-style capitalization and end with a colon, while placeholder text should use sentence-style capitalization and no punctuation.

    For related guidance, see Labels. Adjust text field line breaks accordingly. By default, any text extending beyond the bounds of a text field is clipped.

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    • A text field, however, can be set to wrap text to a new line at the character or word level, or to be truncated indicated by an ellipsis at the beginning, middle, or end. Consider using an expansion tooltip to show the full version of clipped or truncated text. An expansion tooltip behaves like a help tag and appears when the user places the pointer over the field.

      Data Entry Software

      Use secure text fields when appropriate. Always use a secure text field when your app asks for sensitive data, such as a password. Let the user adjust text attributes if it makes sense. If your text field contains styled text, it may add value if the user can adjust the font, size, and color of the text.

      Get information from the system whenever possible. Provide reasonable default values. To the extent possible, prefill fields with the most likely values. Providing good defaults minimizes decision making and speeds up data entry.

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