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If you like playing Russian Roulette with a brand new Mac and Mountain Lion, give this utility a spin. So this is why the vendor's app is not certified, I guess. I prefer to get a new mouse, or else learn to love the wrong-way scrolling until Macally posts a new driver. I'm using a 5-button Razer Imperator, whose own software comes with a crippled Mac pref pane that doesn't allow button customization. After upgrading from Overdrive X, everything's working perfectly.

Razer Synapse - Cloud-Based Driver Software | Razer United States

I posted a reply to the review above, explaining how to fix the problem he's having, but I'm only using I'm switching to This is a very useful I would say necessary product. Apple should build all this functionality into the system already. Updated on Nov 19, Depending on how you have reviews sorted, the one I replied to may not be "above" mine This software has been good in the past, although after experiencing the bug in this version, I am beginning to suspect that USB Overdrive may be the source of previous conflicts I have been experiencing with Snow Leopard After installing the USB Overdrive mouse driver the volume control keys on the keyboard stopped working.

A restart of the OS would not restore the sound keys on the keyboard. Uninstalling USB Overdrive 3. It conflicts with Mac OS I highly suspect the earlier versions of USB Overdrive may have also had this bug although the conflict expressed itself intermittently. Although not always, but frequently I would lose the use of the sound control keys on the keyboard.

A restart solved the issue. I suspect that this driver was causing other instabilities as my iMac has been much more stable since removing this driver. I am using a Logitech optical mouse. I was led to believe by the documentation that came with the mouse Logitech did not provide a mouse driver for Mac OS X. This driver works perfectly.

If you are using a Logitech mouse on a Mac go to the Logitech web page and download it now! Now I have a stable Mac. Read reply 1. I had this same issue with Go to the Overdrive pref pane, open the menu near the top and go down to "Any Other, Any Application" and deselect "Enabled". This will keep Overdrive from messing up your audio controls. If this works for you, come back and change your rating This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I paid for 3.

Didn't have to DO anything after opening; that was enough to reconnect. Having to do this multiple times a week just didn't work for me. I now use Apple's preferences and can live with not being able to use many of the special keys and mouse buttons on my input devices. I gave USB Overdrive another try, despite difficulties in the past, because others speak so highly of it.

This time it worked exactly as intended. However, I soon realized that my volume keys and eject key no longer worked. That Mac users are psychotic with respect for a man Jobs who was clearly psychotic himself, begins to tell us what is going on here. Nobody is going to submit bug reports because everyone has moved on. Do you actually think people give a crap about a product that is so completely a piece of crap it could never be fixed?

You have to buy another new product to get something that works. That is the MacIntosh way.

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No complaining peon is going to change that. I was using a wireless logitech keyboard k and wireless logitech mouse m with the single usb dongle connected to the MBP. I had jittery response or just deadness with the cursor. No settings would fix the issue. I became tired of this so I plugged in my usb wired apple keyboard and usb wired apple mouse to the computer. So after using the crappy apple mouse for about 15 seconds, I decided I would try using my usb wireless dongle and mouse with the mac wired keyboard. Ive got the impression that it was fixed from all the comments about it.


Especially the comment from bob in I have no more issues with my Imperator. Put the mouse in computer not dock , run the firmware update stuff or something. Now it works great.

I tried running a Razer Naga mouse with the lastest drivers, firmware, and software on a MacPro with Lion The Mac Mouse is a bit better, but still not usable for gaming. The Kensington Expert Mouse trackball is best, but still requires several attempts to get to a particular spot. Try connect it directly to the mac pro not computer or tweak a lot of the settings. It is connected directly! Went over to a PC and there are no issues with the mouse. Could this have corrupted something?

To start with, try uninstalling SteerMouse. I did this, and I also uninstalled MenuMeters something else I had installed the same day but no change.

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His issue is with a trackpad but his error log pointed to an MS Office error…coincidentally the same app I had installed right before all this got started. The logical next step would be to uninstall Office ugh and see if that fixes it. Not crazy about his idea but I see no other option. Not quite sure when, but maybe an apple update fixed this.

How to open a Razer Imperator (without breaking it)

All information and further discussion about mouse cursor skipping jumping bug of Mac OS X has been moved to SmoothMouse. Skip to content. Home About. This entry was posted in Bugs and tagged mac mouse problems , macos , mouse. Bookmark the permalink. March 1, at Dae says:. November 1, at Or is it already plugged directly?


Razer Synapse 2.0 (MAC) Cloud-Based Driver 1.38 Mac OS X 10.8-10.10

MartynasJ says:. March 2, at BoshFlimshaw says:. March 15, at March 16, at Matt says:. Slim says:. March 17, at March 25, at March 26, at March 27, at March 28, at March 29, at March 30, at Ali says:. April 5, at Did you hear back from Apple? April 6, at April 8, at April 20, at April 21, at WAcreative says:. April 26, at April 27, at Chris says:. May 6, at I am wondering if I should exchange it for a different mouse, same model. Therefore, the problem will not occur on Windows.

Dahlstroem says:. May 8, at May 10, at May 11, at May 13, at May 14, at Joyce says:. November 25, at May 16, at DrLex says:. May 24, at May 25, at Joe says:. Reported bug via ADC referring and June 1, at Using Razer Salmosa. Reporting bug as well. June 5, at Stephane says:.

Gaming mouse/mice Roundup - Bootcamp and OS X 10.8

June 9, at Leon says:. June 16, at June 17, at Adam Carrano says:. Thank you. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Move the pointer slowly across the screen Expected Results: There should be no random jumping. Actual Results: The cursor randomly jumped for a few pixels from time to time. Regression: The problem is not hardware-dependent: it can be reproduced on all Intel Macs. The problem is not software-dependent either: it can be reproduced on a fresh system with no 3rd party software installed.

I can certainly confirm that the problem exists on Mac OS X Note that I did not use the 3rd party drivers supplied with those mice.

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Razer imperator driver mac 10.8

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