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We thought so. Lego Racers enabled you to build an awesome car out of Lego bricks and then race it around a track. Sadly it hasn't aged well, but we spent so long playing this game back in the day crafting racers that it deserves a place on this list. And maybe a reboot too.

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The Lego Movie Videogame basically meant that you played through the entire plot of the film on your console of choice, taking on the various iconic roles to solve puzzles and smash bricks. But that was part of the reason it's so low on this list. The game really followed the movie too closely, which compromised on some of the gameplay. But it was great to see Emmett and the gang again, but it could have done with deviating from the plot a little more.

Okay, so technically Lego Worlds isn't out yet, but you can play it via Steam Early Access and it's pretty amazing.

It's basically Lego Minecraft and allows you — a bit like Lego Island — to create entire worlds with blocks but without taking over your entire dining room or risking the dog breaking everything. Becoming a little Lego Indy with whip and fedora as you explore the world of Indiana Jones block by block was always exhilarating, as long as you avoided the snakes. Now we know that these are actually two different titles, but both Lego Harry Potter titles are so good you really need to play both.

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The pair of games bring the magic of Hogwarts to life so well that even diehard Potter fans will be appeased. If you play both games, all seven books or eight movies are covered off with plenty of brilliantly blocky wizardry. For this Wii U exclusive, developer TT Games managed to create an exciting original Lego title that was essentially the series' answer to Grand Theft Auto without the torture, drugs and prostitutes.

It was an open-world sandbox game that could appeal to all the family for weeks on end — and runs even better on Switch. Thankfully no-one told the Lego team that it couldn't pass into the realms of Lord of the Rings , so we got to play through a beautiful block-based rendition of the entire trilogy, complete with some of that glorious music and original dialogue. And although the story was compressed somewhat — can you blame them? We always knew Captain Jack Sparrow would translate well to Lego and bringing all three original Pirates of the Caribbean movies to life in Lego was a great feat.

Although we will argue that the game would have really benefited from some dialogue, it still managed to capture the world, characters and humour perfectly. Although there have been so many Lego Star Wars games, we're in love with the latest release: What seemed great to us a few years ago is now limited to simply being eye-catching.


But do you need more of a thinking game for all ages? The Marvel characters are not only well designed in terms of their powers, but their physical resemblance to the originals is also remarkable. Physically bigger characters, such as the villains Galactus or The Sandman, offer some of the most spectacular moments in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The way in which New York has been recreated is also remarkable, and it functions like an open world scenario. If you've ever walked through the city of skyscrapers, you'll be able to recognize buildings and some of the famous sights, all converted, of course, into a Lego style. The sound guys have also done a good job, with more than acceptable dubbing although I continue to enjoy the Lego games undubbed , as well as a soundtrack that draws on themes that have been composed for the various films of the Marvel stable. Traveller's Tales has done it again: Maybe the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game isn't very challenging , but the respect shown for Marvel, the great sense of humor , and the variety of characters and levels make it perfectly entertaining to play, no matter what your age or skills with the controls.

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  5. What do you think about Lego Marvel Super Heroes? Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions.

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    Almost ready. Unfortunately, anecdotally, many do seem to be experiencing technical problems — but we ran into none of these. Do you recommend it? View full description. Improved combat Superhero creator. Little innovation, but still lots of fun LEGO Marvel Avengers is not revolutionary LEGO title, but it does have many qualities to make it worth recommending — its plots, the endless character collection, and the huge free roam areas.

    Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Mac.

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