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Contact a NiceLabel Specialist. Odpri menu. Transform your labeling to turn hidden costs into visible savings See the vision. Next generation labeling software From an easy-to-use label designer to a label management system that digitally transforms the entire labeling process. Designer For businesses with few users and few label templates that need a easy-to-use way to create barcode labels. Easy-to-use barcode label designer Desktop printing application Learn more.

Label management system For businesses with multiple users that require quality, security, visibility of labeling to decrease risks and hidden costs. Professional barcode label designer Document management system Printing application builder Web-based printing Integrated printing Learn more. Not sure what product best fits your needs? Answer a few questions and we'll recommend the most suitable one.

Product selector. As you can see in the top right corner I am using the label and I am just going to use the default blank design. Click the Next button and you will be presented with the Customize screen:. Avery has done a good job of making this tool pretty easy to use and they have plenty of help options so I am not going to go into too much detail here but the short and sweet of it is you will use the Add Text Box feature as well as the QR and Barcodes feature to design your label. Here is my completed label:. As you can see it is a pretty simple design a text box to type in the description optional and then I used the Barcode feature to type in and create the barcode.

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Note: For advanced users you can use Avery's 'Mail Merge' feature to pull in large amounts of different SKUs to auto generate the barcodes. Load your labels into your printer and print them or choose to let Avery print them and mail them to you. Option 2: Print using a Barcode Font. Step 1: Download the free Code 39 Barcode Font.

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This will download a font file directly to your computer. Once it is downloaded the process can differ slightly depending on what version of Operating System you are using on your PC or Mac. The reason I recommend Avery is because if you visit their website they have ready to go templates for almost every one of their labels which will make the next steps easier. Step 3: Enter SKU data into label template. Follow the instructions on Avery's site to download and install the template into Microsoft Word.

Once you have the template open in word type in the SKU data into the template. See below:. Now that you have the text entered into the template you just highlight the text that you want to become the barcode and then change the font to the Code 39 font. Note: For advanced users you can use Word's 'Mail Merge' feature to pull in large amounts of different SKUs to auto generate the barcodes. Now that you have your SKU labels printed we need to verify that the barcodes can be read by our scanners.

Many things can affect the readability of barcodes including the size of the Font used and the quality of the printer. So that is the quickest and easiest way to verify that your barcodes are readable. Open up that app and then point it at your newly printed barcodes if the app can decode the barcode then you should be just fine to label your product and send it to us.


I have had to create my own templates. I created 2 sizes - small and large. When I used my barcode scanner app on my iphone I discovered that the smaller size would not scan. The larger template which creates a bigger barcode label is able to be scanned. Both tests were printed from the same printer. Why would the smaller barcode label not scan?

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Is that a printer issue? Answer 1: It could potentially be a printer issue. However, this issue could also be from what process you used in your software when you generated the smaller barcode. To download the latest version, click the following link: Adobe Reader Download.

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You can still use it for a limited time. Use previous version. Download the software straight to your Mac or PC This software can be used without an internet connection. We have versions for Android and iOS:. Avery have created thousands of predesigned templates to get you started.

Either choose a blank template to create your own design from scratch, or choose from one of our designs. You can then customise this template to suit your needs. Add straight and circular text boxes.

avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac
avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac
avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac
avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac
avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac
avery label design pro mac Avery label design pro mac

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