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How to Uninstall and Remove WD Discovery on Windows and macOS | WD Support

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. It is the equivalent of U3 software on a flash drive. I tried to see if I could find anything to share with you from the Internet, but after about articles I wasn't successful.

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It is just a peeve of mine to have unused software and icons laying around. I'll have to live with it Window3Guy Window3Guy. This may work for other passports and My Books. I didn't find any help from searching google, but I did find you post and thought I'd let you know what I did. I have a Core2duo running Windows XP. I assume in this forum you are on a Mac - maybe this will help you. Remove the Smartware on a PC, then make the drive ready for your mac. I installed it on my PC and ran the program. It found my usb passport drive and fixed the problem. If you can get a hold of it and install it: Now that I've rebooted and tried connecting the drive again, I still have the virtual drive and Windows isn't seeing the passport.

I'll post back when I figure something out. James Garrett James Garrett.

How To Remove Auto Unlock Drive For This User External Drive Western Digital

David Alvarez David Alvarez. Zabobon Zabobon. Like the others, I have tried to format it to remove the annoying "WD Smartware" but it keeps popping up on the desktop. Even if I eject this virtual CD disk, it pops back again instantly. I searched around the internet and couldn't find a solution. Hopefully WD will release a removal tool in the near future. The silly thing is that apart from this, the drive is amazing. I can't understand why WD would include such an obviously annoying feature with such a good product. I think it is even worse for Windows users - when the drive is plugged into a Windows machine the "Found New Hardware" wizard pops up, just for the Virtual CD.

This makes it hard to share the drive with others, for sending files over to a client for instance. While waiting for a proper solution ie a way to zap this firmware I have one tiny workaraound that makes it a bit less annoying for me on my Mac. It will erase the disk - so back-up its contents first Rightly or wrongly, I blindly trusted a random blog I had read which directed me to a utility available online: EXE , and targeted my mounted and unlocked WD drive location.

When it completed, I ejected my WD device and plugged in again. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Steps I followed so far: Obviously none of them worked. I started Google-ing like crazy. I hugged my cat and cried.

WD Drive Utilities

I opened Microsoft's System Registry utility to force-allow write on the protected media, and just when I was about to start partying, I realized I failed once again. I connected that evil drive to my Ubuntu Server I tried with both fdisk and parted , but I may have done something wrong. Hennes Is there a reason you are not just reformatting and repartitioning it?

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That will get rid of it? I assume you still have data on that if this is the case. Actually, I reformatted it more than once. I have no concerns about data on the drive, as there are none right now. The point is: Unfortunately is not possible to remove completely the VCD from your external HDD, however you should be able to disable it following the instructions here. As I stated in the question but probably I should have pointed it out in a clearer way , I am trying to remove the "WD Unlocker" unit.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

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If you need to find a way to remove it you should look for a tool that will allow you to clear the HPA. And furthermore if you succeed you won't be able to use the password protection for this HDD. For Mac OS X:

wd drive manager mac remove Wd drive manager mac remove
wd drive manager mac remove Wd drive manager mac remove
wd drive manager mac remove Wd drive manager mac remove
wd drive manager mac remove Wd drive manager mac remove
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