Trey canard talks about ronnie mac

Now come Anaheim 1, there's going to be a lot of eyes on you looking to see what you're going to do against the rest of the field. Everyone will have expectations and I think people probably won't expect a lot from me against those names-Reed, Stewart and Villopoto and Dungey, who are a group of really solid riders. For me, I'm just going to concentrate on what I can control and that's the fact that I'll be as ready as I can possibly be and do my best and hopefully that can lead to some good results and hopefully I can have a strong year as my first year on the You aren't necessarily saying, "I'm going to beat those guys.

Yes, that's what always kind of works for me. Just give my best effort and come in ready and not put too many expectations on myself. At the end of the day, what happens happens and the only thing that I can control and the only thing that I can really affect is myself.

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I always love to win and I always want to win and do well but sometimes that's not possible or sometimes you put that on yourself and you don't perform the way you should so like I said I'm just going to do the best that I can. Career-wise are you where you want to be?

Could you have done it any differently or are you happy with the progress? Pretty much from until basically the beginning part of this year I really had it tough with my career and injuries and wrong choices. They were tough and I think that everyone goes through that and had I had the right mindset at times and the right efforts and everything like that.

Maybe things would have gone different in a couple of the series but I can't look back on it and be bummed because everything happens for a reason and I might not of have had the opportunities that I have now. So I can't be bummed on it at all. I'm motocross champion and part of the Motocross Des Nations this year and if that's not something to be thankful for I don't really know what is.

Are you going to defend your Outdoor Championship or will you ride a all year? No, I'm contracted to go with the all year next year, which is good. I'm excited about that. I think it will be a good thing for me. I need to turn the page on the and not chase after too many championships.

I think one is great for myself in the Lites class and I can't ask for too much more. Who's Ronny Mac?

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Ronny Macc is Ronny Mack. I mean it's plain and simple like that. Ronny Mac is Ronny Mac. Are you guys friends?

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Oh yeah, we kick it. Friends, I don't know. He's a little extreme for me. How do you say it? He's a little bit of a heathen so I try to stay away from Ronny Mack but I enjoy riding with him. Does he take after your style with the fender slap or do you take after his style?

I think we bring good characteristics out with each other. He learns some things from me and I learn some things from him. I haven't seen him in a while so hopefully we can see him again soon. I miss him. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus youTube rss. What's new with Oklahoma's speedy young ginger and recent class motocross champion? We called to find out!

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Read on to see what's happening in Trey Canard's life More Stories. Sheriff wrote:. Question is who is Joey Mac Colton Haeker? Then who is this? MXD wrote:.

It's not Colton, as the person who "plays" Joey is a bit shorter ML wrote:. How's My Posting? I don't think it's Colton or even Ryan dungey but it is someone that can really ride in Sand as well as Oval track racing. A is always the solution.

Trey Canard’s exit interview with Jimmy Albertson

My favorite time of year is when the biblical rains come to Southern California. GuyB wrote: Ronnie Mac is pretend?????? You are probably one of those guys who thinks Santa Claus is pretend too. How about the hat? Make Supercross Straight Again http: Jmicmoto13 wrote:. Vital MX - Motocross. Edit Tags Done.

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Madmax31 Madmax31 https: Crush Crush https: Cygnus Cygnus https: Sheriff Sheriff https: Cygnus wrote: The real question should be who is Trevor piranha? Sheriff wrote: He seemed like a tall guy riding an RM with hand guards Its more fun to not talk about who the real rider is but its fairly well known, on both. TeamPumpin TeamPumpin https: MXD wrote: ML ML https:

trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac
trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac
trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac
trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac
trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac
trey canard talks about ronnie mac Trey canard talks about ronnie mac

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