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Here's where you need to tell the program what you want to do. You can read all about this on the fail2ban wiki [2]. I have two ethernet cards one public-facing, the other private , and I want to lock down both avenues when needed, so we need to edit the ipfw. Obviously, you'll want to replace your specific IP addresses in the dummy placeholders above. While the above actionban does block unwanted addresses from specific ports it suffers from defining all the banned address on a single rule number with a specific port.

When the unban command is issued for the first blocked address it will remove the entire rule set with that number in the above case rules and including any addresses that were banned after the first one. This is not desirable since any of the addresses added between the first ban and it's corresponding unban will now be allowed by the firewall and only logged as already banned by fail2ban until their ban time is up or fail2ban is reloaded.

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This will search and use the first available rule number starting at When it is time to unban an address, only the one rule is removed thus preserving the other banned addresses. I just reset the VM and tried again and it's installing now. I'm pretty excited about this, since previously I was using the JaS install and directely writing to an external drive; it was just a lot of work unplugging my original drive as so not screw anything up , installing to a SATA drive which has proven much more difficult that previously installing to an IDE drive; my old Smithfield machine had more than one IDE drive connector on the motherboard , then plugging the newly installed SATA drive into my PC via USB I'll do what I can to tell you all how the rest of the install goes.

Good luck! I luanched the disk utility and all that shows up is vmware cd-rom drive. Where is the harddrive? How can I enable networking? Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update. I'm also very interested in a solution to this. Install seemed to be fine, i selected the patch installs, then i had to setup my system and for some reason it would keep looping in the menus and i would have to fill out the same screens and it would go back to the beginnig at different times.

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Then i restarted and it seemed to work, but now at boot it loads the background and the bottom short cut menu for about3 seconds and then it disappears for a while and then comes back and it does this till vmware just shuts it down. Finnally installed. Thanks a bunch for the guide. Everything here worked for me. Ran into a few problems, but was able to figure everything out.

I got everything installed and it runs fine. I reset the root pw to allow root login, ran the tools, but it was halted because it could not locate kldstat. Can kextstat and kextload be used or no? Just thought I would ask. Everything seemed to install properly, however after the installation finishes, it boots up to a blue screen, with just the black cursor. Nothing EVER loads. I have left it running there for 2 straight days with nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

That line just keeps repeating over and over.

I'm installing JaS. Integrated on VMware 5. I'm using Daemon Tools 4. One thing that I've come across while using this guide with the default settings: After successfully installing and attmpting to boot the OS, I got a Virtual machine kernel stack fault.

After loading the Disk Utility, the hard drive I created didn't show up. Using JaS.

I set up the VM per the instructions up top and installed without any issues. However, when I rebooted, it stopped at the Apple screen. I tried the config listed in Comment 33 and it worked! I found that my problem was that the following line was present in my config: scsi0. I removed that line and it works now! I do have one question I can't figure out how to add the driver.

I am using Mac OS X Vmware ist Vmware Server 1. But when it comes to the point where I have to choose the destination drive for the installation in the OS X installer Select a destination volume, there are no drives to choose, the list is empty. It seems OS X does not recognize any drive from Vmware.

I tried both physical volumes and also virtual disks both scsi and ide. I tried choosing Windows , FreeBsd and also Linux other. Always the same, OS X never finds any harddrives. Any suggestions? Go read Section 8 - You need to use Disk Utility to partition the disk before the install menu will display an available drive. I did the AMD x2 install in Comment The DVD access is screwy on this one Any ideas?

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I'm running VMWare Server 1. I burned the original ISO to the same media and then copied it to the hard drive and mounted with Daemon Tools and was able to install fine.

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Using patched JAS I installed using 'Host Only'. I believe that is the one where I installed all the drivers I use my iMac at work so rarely, I didn't realize it was working correctly! Simple question.. I've searched everywhere and could find the option. Even with windows nt, me ,98 as soon as I try to run osx kernel with -v or -x -v vmware says i'm trying to run 64bit os in 32bit virtual machine..

It's in your BIOS settings. Make sure you're using ppf1 if it still gives you the errors after turning it off, if you're using Couldn't get photoshop to work - WTF? This guide didn't help me. Sometimes if you get the Virtual machine kernel stack fault hardware reset error, a simple reset can solve the issue; but if the problem is recurring, refer to 11 for a possible permanent solution. Please advise to julio.

The error 'com. Even although the image is small enough to fit on a single layer DVD, it still needs to be burnt to a dual layer disk. Using JAS No sound yet but I haven't tried to fix that so I'm not complaining. Booted straight off the DVD, got the B0 error described above but the fix worked great.

Currently running in VMWare Server 1. Just hangs at a black screen with a single solitary cursor that looks very lonely.

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Can't wait for my Macbook next week! I got the vmware tools to install to the configuration script by editing vmware-install. The script vmware-config-tools. I am currently downloading the meg Xcode dmg to try this next step. If anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears. This resulted in me getting farther with the tools until I got to a point where it knew that it was not being complied on FreeBSD.

Any way around this? Here is an picture of my screen so you can see the error. I am using the I burned the disk to a dvd as I was unable to get the iso mounted to where it would work with vmware. Installation went swimmingly up until the b0 error. I tried to install it in VMware with my sempron processor, but it failed, so i installed it directly, without VMWare. It's much faster!

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Im running VMware Server Console 1.

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