Mac os x leopard on powermac g4


Learn More, Hoser. Other factors made the device a little bit cheaper. Not bad for a risky buy. Finding old Mac software was a mixture of easy and difficult. Sites like Macintosh Repository helped me fill out the parts of my install that were important and even essential. But even software that was designed for this thing would not work because of the requirement of having an online connection. As a result, recreating the experience of running a Mac in , however, would be impossible—due to no fault of the machine itself.

This is the complicated part. I think that when this device was first sold in early , it was a great machine in terms of what it could do, and if you were to look at it from a pure interface perspective, you would find it not much unlike what you would get from a modern-day Mac interface. No dark mode, but nothing preventing you from getting work done. Switching between windows is about as fast as you would expect from a modern Mac, even if the startup process is a little slower and there are some signs of stress.

But the real problem is that, even if this was a reasonably good machine for , an era when switchers were rampant, web technology has totally left it behind, making using it for its original purpose an exercise in frustration.

Power Mac G4 Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard Rebuild

Nonetheless, this was one of the hardest parts about working on this machine. I had to spend a lot of time looking at web browsers to figure out something I could live with. Its existence is heartening, though.

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The best bet in my personal case was something called Leopard-Webkit , which effectively is a version of Safari brought up to relatively recent web standards. It is somewhat slow—and breaks on modern webapps like Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail—but it is faster than the alternative and works just fine for Google searching. So using this thing like a Chromebook is totally out of the question. On the plus side, creature comforts that come with using a modern-day Mac are well-represented.

And tools that I use on a daily basis, such as the word-manipulation utility TextSoap, have robust PowerPC versions that work not unlike their modern peers. And thinking to more sophisticated application use cases, the most recent version of the Adobe Creative Suite that is allowed on this platform was surprisingly useful.

PowerPC™ Software Archive

Nothing was lost but a few years on that one. That said, some trends that started out on the Mac post-date the PowerPC. Markdown is supported on many early text editors with deep ties to the Mac ecosystem, such as TextMate and BBEdit, though these tools are generally meant for coding and not traditionally as useful for simply writing. I needed a good Markdown editor that I could use with keyboard shortcuts.

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Word or even TextEdit would not suffice unless I found a good third-party tool that allowed me to invent my own shortcuts. After much looking around, I did find a solution that seemed to make sense, even if it was a little odd due to some early-version framing. A few years ago, The Soulmen, the developers of the popular text editor Ulysses, had a version of its popular software up on its website that supported Leopard and PowerPC.

It was taken down with a redesign it always is , but I was able to find the direct download link via a search on the Internet Archive. These days, Ulysses a piece of software I receive access to as part of my subscription to the excellent SetApp is a pretty solid, very flexible editor that is generally built around Markdown.

The early version of the tool, however, was closer in mission to the popular screenwriting tool Scrivener, and as a result, was not actually built with Markdown in mind. In fact, it used nonstandard markup. But on the plus side, it was very easy to change it to something that resembled Markdown. There are more hoops to go through, but it feels like the kind of editor I regularly use. The amount of time, in minutes, it took me to move a 2. For sake of comparison, I sent the same file over Bluetooth on what were, again, two computers sitting directly next to one another, and it was actually much slower, only transferring at around 75k per second—meaning that it would take roughly 9 hours to send the file.

I eventually turned it off. What do I really need to make this run properly? I have never owned a Mac before. All comments will be taken seriously and will be welcome.

I have a mid 17 inch Macbook Pro with the 2. I was on that thing constantly during grad school. It works great for simple things like e-mail, typing up lists with MS word , and that sort of thing. Growing up I always had hand me down computers from my Fathers workplace, so maybe that is why :.

PowerPC Mac in Is It Still Useful?

One important fact to keep in mind, and one that I have run into numerous times during my higher education, is that the user defines obsolete. If the machine still does what it was originally implemented to do, it is not obsolete. Unfortunately, the corporations Apple, Dell, etc like to convince people they are the ones who define what obsolete is.

I NEED to upgrade?

Confirmed: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will run on G4’s

UT to be exact. Sometimes I wish I never would have started playing games…uh oh, I have to go help Commander Shepard save us from the reapers. I still have a powermac G4 quicksilver machine dual used daily at home. Still has a lot of power and speed and uses half the power of a G5. G4s have outlasted most G5s. Look at the used market and you will see a lot of broken G5s and G4s still running. Currently has 1. Also have it connected to the Apple pro speakers which really make it look beautiful.

I know I can count on my G4 for years to come. With 1. Is there a support group for Mac hoarders? I still keep some os 7 machines just for the novelty. HD video is the only reason that keeps me salivating over the newest fastest and most expensive models. I am quite sure I am not the only one out there with Mac hoarding issues. I really need to quit my jobs so I can have more time at home with my Mac collection.

They just sit there and hum right along all day and night without a hic-up at all. My only gripe is how loud it is. Up until about three years ago I had what I lovingly called my Frankenmac.

The following are the improvements I put in to it:. My mother has been using a similar Mac for years. Poor thing can hardly finish a single task without getting bogged down or crashing, but it still tries. Score 1. He said he didn't want to buy a new processor. Most Helpful Answer. Sean Rep: 4 2. Score 3.

mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4
mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4
mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4
mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4
mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4
mac os x leopard on powermac g4 Mac os x leopard on powermac g4

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